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7 months ago
CorruptedLands - All New Gamemodes!

Hey there!


Some of you may have noticed already, but we have been working on all new gamemodes to bring to the server! After a week or two we are finally happy to announce that Skywars is ready to play!


Currently only Solo queing is open, but soon Duos and Squads will open up! 


Not only this, but Survival is now open too! It's mainly vanilla and we will possibly add in land claiming so people don't grief, but for now it seems alright!


We are planning on adding Creative, KitPvP and Bedwars in the future, so keep an eye out for that!


Huge shoutout to __Jevil__ for building our new AMAZING hub! Thanks to papi#5270 (JustAGod) and crazygirl2016 for working on the Skywars lobby and helping me test out the maps!


That's all for today!








8 months ago
Welcome to the Forums!


Welcome to the all new CorruptedLands forum page! It's still a work in progress, but we will try to take ona s much suggestions as possible! Updates and such will be posted here and on the Discord! Here you can recruit for your faction, suggest new features and much more!


All rules on the Discord still apply here, with some new ones on the way! 


Have Fun!